Triple Strange FRC #1533

About Us 

Triple Strange (FRC Team 1533) was established in Greensboro, North Carolina in 2004. We typically accept those from grades 9-12, but we do enjoy having younger grades come in and shadow us to learn and encourage them to join the team.

We are currently the only FRC team in ECG Robotics, and have won 3 out of the past 4 state championships, as well as winning our division at the world championship in 2018.

As a constantly growing team we are always welcoming new members to join our diverse community of future engineers, artists, and business leaders!



 2019: Roebling Quarterfinalist

2019: State Championship Winner

2019: Autonomous Award

2019: Dean’s List Finalist (Aidan Hunt)

2019: Asheville Event Finalist

2019: Innovation in Control Award 

2019: Guilford Event Finalist

2019: Quality Award