Note From Shiv:

Good luck for everyone going to Worlds! If you’re interested in running for an office, please read below and contact Jordan, the respective mentor for the role, and myself. We ask that you do this early on so we can talk to you about the office and what it entails. Lastly, we have another outreach event — Bluford STEMology Night April 27th — sign up below in the outreach section! And bring cans!



Worlds in Houston

Thanks to all our sponsors, especially TE Connectivity and Qualcomm, and supporters the team is packed and ready to go. The blue and orange socks are being purchased and the power packs are being charged for the hats.

Competition matches begin on Thursday.

Schedule page- 1533 is in Newton Division

Watch Live Stream


Thank you to TE Connectivity and everyone who donated funds to helped make this trip possible. Please refer to e-mail and What’s App for any last minute instructions. Students please make sure you have been in contact with your driver to the airport and understand pick-up instructions. Please print boarding passes on Monday night using first and last name plus the record locator from last e-mail received about the trip. Any problems or questions, please contact Pamela Boerger as soon as possible–336-549-3938. Let’s have a great trip!


In just 2 more days we will be heading off to Houston in order to witness and take part in the World Championship. Hopefully your excitement levels have peaked through the roof as this is the first time our team has made it to the World Championship since the conception of our team. A few things to keep in mind while on the way there: Make sure to download the FIRST Championship App as it gives a schedule of the competition and will help to keep track of matches, we also need to practice the interview so start preparing for that. Please watch the team on the Jemison Field, schedules to be released at a later time:


We’re very excited to be participating in the World Championship again this year. We packed early this year, so we can relax these next two days and get prepared for the hectic, yet exciting World Championship. We will be doing a quick run through of our interview to refresh everyone’s minds, and hopefully be able to bring back some awards and compete at the World Level. Make sure to watch us on the Franklin field with schedule to be released later at the link below:

End of Season Banquet

Please mark your calendar for May 5th for the end of season banquet and celebration. It will be at First Lutheran Church, Friendly Avenue 6:30pm-9pm.  From 6:30pm-7pm will be time for families to come test drive the robots as we enjoy some refreshments. From 7-9pm will be the traditional program. Students have been preparing their parts of the script, invitations have gone out, and thank you and sponsor folios are being prepared. Please RSVP to the invitation so that we know how many seats to prepare for and what dessert you would like to share.


Bluford STEMology Night April 27th- Volunteers Needed!

Start working on your Outreach Events for next season by signing up for our next event, Bluford STEMology Night on April 27 from 5:30 PM until 7:30 PM at Bluford STEM Academy. You’ll have lots of fun demonstrating your competition robots from this season while inspiring the young students and families of Bluford STEM Academy. Use the following link to signup and contact David or Cathy with any questions.

STEMology Night Outreach April 27

ECG Robotics Canned Food Drive

Hi, all. Please remember that the ECG Robotics Canned Food Drive is still in progress and that your team can win the competition over the next quarter. I would like to set a goal of collecting at least 100 more cans before the end of the month.

Science Center Science Fest Pictures

IMG_7111.JPG    IMG_7097.JPG IMG_7095.JPG

IMG_7094.JPG   IMG_7104.JPG     IMG_7113.JPG


Next Club Meeting is Friday, April 28th 4 -7pm

All club members and mentors are invited to our last club meeting before banquet. We will start the meeting by preparing volunteer thank you notes and sponsor folios for banquet. This will also give us time to prepare any last minute speaking parts for banquet. Student Leadership team elections will begin at 5:30pm. All club members are encouraged to participate and vote. Carpool will be running from ECG to TSL.

Student Leadership Team Elections

Student Leadership Team elections will occur on Friday, April 28th, starting at 5:30pm. Students must be present to run for an office, and should prepare a speech. If you plan on running for an office, it is required that you contact Shiv, Jordan, and the respective mentor for the role. We ask that you contact us in advance about your interest in running, so we can discuss with you the responsibilities and expectations of each office. The positions are listed below, and a brief description is included as well.


The president manages the team and all its activities. He or she serves as the primary team ambassador, handles logistics for competition and season, and must maintain active involvement during and outside of meetings. This person compiles the “Weekly Update” with the Vice President to keep all members on the same page. This person is usually an upperclassman.

Vice President

The Vice President is available to stand in for the President in his or her absence. The VP organizes the communication of events through our weekly status update by working with other leadership team members. Coordinates facebook account and twitter accounts for all FRC and FTC teams. Creates narrative for website, sponsor communication and quarterly update when applicable.


The treasurer prepares budget materials, writes grant proposals to sponsors, and updates sponsors on the team’s progress. He or she helps coordinate presentations for and meetings with sponsors and businesses to demonstrate our robots. Coordinates the quarterly update to sponsors with the help of committee and Vice President.

Marketing Lead

The marketing lead is responsible for promoting the club image and coordinating with each team to promote their image. He or she oversees the marketing team in updating the team’s website, coordinating awards, submissions for the chairman’s award, and helps develop a marketing plan for each team. This person coordinates spirit activities such as the team mascot, banners, and brochures.

Outreach Lead

The outreach lead finds, manages, and schedules robot demos and volunteer activities to promote STEM in the local community. This person must maintain active involvement during and outside of team meetings. They maintain outreach activity log and hours for use in award write-ups. They coordinate the outreach events with each team but are  not responsible for carrying out every event.

Team Captain (5)

Team Captain will guide the team throughout the robotics season. As part of the leadership team, each captain will represent and coordinate ECG club level activities for their team.

We will be recognizing the leadership restriction rule announced by ECG several weeks ago, and will not be allowing students with 2 or more leadership roles to run for an office.

Parent Board Member Elections

Listed below are the nominees for board positions:

President- Jim Adamonis

Vice President- OPEN

Secretary- Cathy Barnette

Treasurer- Trish Chideya


If you have any photos or videos from this weekend’s UNCA District Tournament, be sure to put them on Google Drive so we can make use of them in the future! There’s a folder set up for the event in Photos and Videos > FRC link: Asheville District Event Photo link

Congrats to Triple Strange for a great event!


Thank yous and receipt acknowledgements

Treasury is working on thank you notes and receipt acknowledgements for the donations that have come in this month. Working on updating our sponsor’s email contacts. Please email Laura at if the contacts at your business have changed. We appreciate your support.


Treasury team met to write their parts of the script for the banquet making sure each sponsor gets recognized.

New Treasurer and treasury team

If you are interested in joining the treasury team or running for treasurer next season, please contact Erin, Ashley, or Robert.

Apr 19-23 WEDNESDAY-SUNDAY 2017 FIRST World Championship – Houston, TX (if qualified)
Apr 27 THURSDAY Bluford STEMology Outreach Event
Apr 28 FRIDAY Student Leadership Team Elections- all students should attend
May 5 Friday End-of-Season Banquet
Ongoing WEDNESDAY-SATURDAY ECG Robotics Food Drive