Note from Ashley:

The first meeting of the season was a success!  Many students showed interest in helping out with outreach, marketing, and treasury and even got to try their hand at the mechanical and programming side of things.  We also discussed the new communications system, safety protocols for the year, and began brainstorming team outreach projects.

The FTC Kickoff is September 9th at NC A&T University! ECG Robotics teams will be giving four presentations at the Kickoff:  Drive trains, 3D Printing, Fundraising, and Trip to Worlds.  If you are interested in helping with one of these presentations, please contact your team captain.


New members: If you have not downloaded Whatsapp and contacted your team captain about adding you, please do that ASAP as many of the team conversations are done over this app.  

Parents: There will be a Parent Meeting on Tuesday, August 29th at 7:00PM at TSL.  ECG Robotics is more than just robots and it is important to attend this meeting because a lot of useful information will be shared about the club and future opportunities.  Please RSVP using the link below.

Parent Meeting RSVP Here

On August 3 the ECG Robotics Board met to discuss several important operational topics. You may see the draft minutes using the link below.

Aug. 3 Draft Board Meeting Minutes



Team 1533 has had a busy past week as we attended our first offseason competition, THOR, at UNC Pembroke. Despite some drive train troubles, the team still managed to finish the Qualification matches as the 3rd seed and make it all the way to the finals. Special thanks to our alliance partners 4561 the TorroBytes and Team 4534 the Wired Wizards for an inspired performance.

Looking forward, students should expect regular meetings on Thursdays at TSL from 4-8 PM and on Saturdays (time to be determined) at JA King, located 6541 Franz Warner Pkwy, Whitsett, NC 27377. Students should also expect to see some incoming emails regarding outreach objectives and Saturday meeting times.

In the upcoming meetings, we will be preparing for the second THOR offseason competition on October 28th in Raleigh. We will also work on developing skills particularly with newer students on programming, mechanical, and game strategy while venturing into new territory with new drive train designs and pneumatics.


Team 731

We discussed outreach ideas and decided on a few avenues to explore. After this, we got started right away on learning skills for next season. About half of our members are learning design and the other half programming. We have a busy season ahead of us! Later on a few members learned about the sign-in process and are working on making it better.  

Team 5795

This past Friday we introduced four of our new members Arshi, Joshua, Sam, and Rithika to the team giving them a brief run through of the club functions as a whole. The team then proceeded to brainstorm ideas for our outreach project this year, putting us on track for having a cemented plan within the next two weeks. We also began the tedious process of replacing a module on Fawkes, last year’s competition robot and rehearsed/developed plans for the presentation at the FTC Kick-Off on Sept. 9th.

Team 6183

Most of our team’s meeting this Friday was related to our outreach, as well as greeting and getting to know the new team members who were at the meeting, Arul and Sanjit.  We worked on our general plan for this year and got the new team members used to the way we work and the roles that they want to fill for this year.  We began our outreach planning, related to our book project and outreach to influence children in the STEM field.  We have big plans for this year, and the whole team cannot wait for the kick-off next month!

Team 10195

Last Friday we introduced our new team members, Kaival, Janavi, Chad, Annie, and Shivani to returning members of the team. We described the positions available on the team, such as marketing, programming, and CAD design, and they chose a field they were interested in and wanted to try. We proceeded to plan out our main outreach idea and created a timeline to follow throughout the season. Lastly, we are very excited for FTC kickoff on the 9th!


ECG Robotics hit the ground running with their outreach plans for this upcoming season! Students split off into their teams at our first meeting to begin the development of their team goals. An outreach form was sent to each team captain to be completed by Friday, August 25th at 10 p.m. Although the form isn’t the final draft of your outreach plans, make sure that it is well thought-out so your  team can use it as a reference point throughout the season.

Thanks to all of the students who signed up to participate with Outreach! You all will be some of our main points of contact regarding team progress. If anyone else in interested at any time in joining the outreach team, don’t hesitate to contact Shami or David at

Harris Teeter TIE Event

A big thank you to all of the students who participated in the Harris Teeter TIE events over the past couple of weeks! Students gave our code to plenty of shoppers, which will help the club with funding this year.


The Marketing team is continuing development on the ECG Robotics trailer wrap for the upcoming season, as well as progress on Team 731’s new T-Shirt and logo design.

To new members, thank you for expressing interest in Marketing! Each Robotics team now has at least one of its members in Marketing, which will prove beneficial in promoting each team’s individual spirit. Hopefully we can hold a brief Marketing meeting at the next Robotics meet-up to discuss upcoming projects and perhaps get a head start on them. We will also be discussing the possibility of starting a Google Calendar to keep track of due dates, as well as skills that members may be proficient in (e.g. photography, photoshop, visual effects, film editing, writing, etc.).


The treasury team met last Thursday to discuss the Servocity grants as well as the budget for next year. We also discussed the roles and responsibilities of the treasury department with all of the ECG Robotics teams on Friday and had several new people sign up to help with treasury.

We also would like all ECG Robotics parents to check with their employers to see if they have any grants available. Corporate sponsorship is vital to our fundraising every year and it helps us a great deal financially to have parents look for grants within the businesses where they work.

Back to School shopping on Amazon Smile helps ECG Robotics raise money.

Aug. 29 FTC and FRC Combined Parent Meeting 7:00 PM at TSL
Sep. 9 FTC Kickoff NC A&T
Oct. 28 FRC THOR II Raleigh
Ongoing ECG Robotics Food Drive


Note from Ashley:

Hello everyone! The parent leadership board met on Tuesday to discuss the coming season.  I would like to announce the newly elected parent leadership board:

President- Jim Adamonis

Vice President- Punita Ahuja

Secretary- Cathy Barnette

Treasurer- Trish Chideya

In August, volunteers will review this past season’s income and expenses and sign off.  We need at least three adults to volunteer for the financial review which usually occurs in August.  No experience with finance is necessary! We also need one more adult volunteer who will sign off on checks the club writes.  Checks are typically signed on Fridays. Please email Laura Adamonis at if you are interested.

A word on application deadlines: The deadline for new members applying for FTC/FRC is now June 30th.  After this date, the applications will close and go for review.  Returning students need to pay their dues ASAP either by credit card through the donate button on the website or by a mailed check to TSL at 624-D, Box 32 Guilford College Rd., Greensboro, NC 27409.

We have our last two June summer camps this week: Sensor/PID programming and CAD.  Thank you to the student  teachers and parent volunteers for helping out!



A big thank you to Justin Kerr for the great Vuforia camp last week! Thank you to our mentors and adult volunteers who also made it possible: Leanna Day, Jonathan Hammond, Murtuza Haveliwala, Tommy Lawe and Jim Myers.

Sensors, PID, and More led by Nicholas Day: June 12th-13th, 4:00-8:00pm at TSL and June 14th 12:00-4:00pm at TSL

Depending on what people want, Nick will teach PID, motion profiling, debugging with graphing, and autonomous functionality.

CAD led by Jordan Boerger, Evan Gorgen, Michael Fei and Kelvin Limanto: June 14th-16th, 4:00-8:00pm at TSL

Students will learn how to use PTC Creo to 3D design parts using the software. They will learn basic CAD skills that can be used in designing any part, whether it be for a robot or just a cool model.

Student sign-up: Student Sign-up

Parent sign-up: Parent Sign Up


FIRST Fun Fourth Event

FIRST North Carolina has asked us to come give a demonstration at their FIRST Fun Fourth event with our FTC Bot’s. It should be a great opportunity to spread the word about the FLL and FTC programs and support FIRST in our community. If you are available to participate on July 4th, please sign up here:

FIRST Fun Fourth Event

AAMI Wiley Elementary School Demonstration

Last year we had the wonderful opportunity to give a demonstration at the African American Male Initiative summer camp at Wiley Elementary School, and we will be participating again this year. The demonstration will fall either on July the 27th or 28th, so if you are available either or both days, please sign-up below.

AAMI Demonstration


Adult and Student Outreach Assistants Needed

Please contact the Outreach Team if you are interested in volunteering to assist with Outreach events this year. Email David, Shami and Cathy at for more information or to volunteer.


To everyone attending the Jason’s Deli Fundraiser on June 9th, be sure to send or share any photos taken to the marketing team by contacting Sreya or Anthony at


Jason’s Deli Fundraiser-

Thank you to everyone who attended and volunteered at the Jason’s Deli Fundraiser on Friday. We managed to raise $280.81 which was much greater than we had initially projected making this event a great success

Special thanks to our adult volunteers: Laura and Jim Adamonis, Cathy Barnette, Kevin Lawe, Ivonne Limanto, Laura and Jim Myers, Brian Page and Duncan Page who all helped make this event possible.

Thanks also to our student volunteers: Akansha, Ashley, Anya, Braxton, D.J., Jayraj. Joseph, Kelvin, Mark, and Robert.

IMG_1655.JPGCopy of IMG_1658.JPG


As some of you know, ECG robotics has switched to a google non-profit account. We as a team have started to use something call “Team Drive”, which provides a cloud drive drive that stores everything under our domain. We have shared each department’s Team Drive folder to them and they are responsible for sharing it to everyone in the department. We will soon come out with instructions on how to use it and the do’s and don’ts of it.

June 12 – 14 Sensors, PID and More Summer Camp
June 14 – 16 CAD Summer Camp
July 4 FIRST Fun 4th Outreach Event
July 27 or 28 AAMI Camp Demo
Ongoing ECG Robotics Food Drive