Note From Ashley:

Congratulations to FTC Teams 731 and 5795 for qualifying for the State Championship on February 10th!  Yesterday was certainly an exciting qualifier with both 731 and 5795 allianced together in the finals!  Team 731 won First Place Inspire Award and Team 5795 won Second Place Inspire Award and First Place PTC Design Award.  

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Making sure there are parents available, TSL will be open this week for teams interested in meeting to prepare.  Please sign-up for the competition using the link below.  If you want to preorder lunch, please give money to Mrs. Barnette or place in manila envelope at TSL no later than Wednesday this week. No outside food vendors are allowed but pre-order lunches, concessions and bringing lunches from home will be allowed.

NC FTC State Championship Sign-up

With the State competition coming up this Saturday, we are in desperate need of parent volunteers so that we can open TSL this week.  Please sign up to chaperone in the document below.

Parent Sign-up

Board Meeting

The next ECG Robotics Board meeting will be Tuesday, February 13 at 7:00 PM at TSL. All team members, mentors and parents are invited to attend

Special FTC Parent Meeting

If FTC teams qualify for South Super Regionals in Athens. Georgia on March 8-10, there will be a special parent meeting required for all team members attending on Tuesday, February 13 at 6:00 PM at TSL.


Team 1533

Another week closer to the end of build season, another week of progress. Over the past week the team has been hard at work trying to build both robots. Some key moments include the development of a code routine with Svarog (last year’s robot), the assembly of the first 2 stages of the lift onto the robot frame, the piecing together of the swerve modules, and a fun game of assassin! As a result of the hard work, the team is ahead of schedule and is on pace to get a lot more done when compared to last season. However, in order to do so we need to continue to work hard and work with a sense of urgency. Looking forward, the team will be looking to attach the Swerve, Ramps, and electronics to the frame of both robots. We will also spend a significant amount of time developing the Power Cube intake.

IMG_2051 IMG_2057 IMG_2054

Parents and Students, keep a lookout for potential changes in the regular weekly schedule. We will be looking to continue to meet Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, but there are a couple of changes that may need to be made. One concern is the inclement weather that may come over the course of this week. If we need to miss our Monday or Wednesday meetings, then we will be looking to meet on Thursday and Sunday respectively. For now team members should expect for meetings to continue as scheduled, and we will keep everyone updated both on Slack and via email.

Need FRC parent coverage at The Zone for tomorrow!!!! And rest of the week.

Need parents to sign up for Saturday lunch. 2 parents share and coordinate lunch for team. Usually 15-20. Please no pizza.

Important dates- mark your calendars

March 23-25- FRC district competition – UNC-Asheville

March 29-31- FRC district competition- Winston-Salem fairgrounds

April 6-8-FRC State Competition- Campbell University

April 18-21-FRC Worlds- Houston, TX ( if qualify)

Information and permission forms for the first competition will be coming this week. Any questions Contact Laura Adamonis, team parent at


Team 731

Our team won the 1st Place Inspire award, the highest award! I’m so proud of all of our teammates. Everyone worked hard that day, helped out other teams, and presented well during the interview. There was a small mechanical issue during finals, but we thankfully advanced due to our Inspire Award. This week we will be working hard on improving our autonomous and driver ability, along with putting on a relic mechanism. If you’re a parent and reading this, please chaperone this week. It would help every team to succeed at the State Championship.

Team 5795

Our qualifier this weekend was interesting to say the least. Although we are advancing to states off of second place Inspire we lost the finals matchup due to a cable disconnect one round, and an unknown error the second. However, we did drop the highest score at the qualifiers with 376 and the matches where we did not experience errors all went well. We also won 1st place PTC Design Award and are looking forward to competing with our sister teams at states this coming Saturday. In the meantime we have  lot of work to do so we’re ready for it.

Team 6183

This week has been dedicated to getting our relic mechanism more functional than during the tournament. We were able to restring the linear slide in order to have a faster extension during matches and attached a new grabbing mechanism that should help in getting the relic at the state tournament. We have also been working hard on the second Beek Beek book, having the illustrations complete. Our Promote Award video has also been recorded, in order to increase our chances of moving onto Super Regionals.

Team 10195

Congrats to 731 and 5795 for doing great in their qualifier! It’s great to have all four FTC teams going to States again this year. This week we focused on fixing the alignment of our robot on a new chassis and making a more effective lift using linear slides. Now we are confident of our ability to pick up blocks and we are thinking about adding a possible relic collector. We also want to have a lot more practice with our drive team to have a better strategy during teleop. Finally, our programmers also worked hard this week to fix our autonomous program to consistently get 85 points. We are very excited about States this weekend and we will be meeting as often as we can during this week.


Thank you to the students who volunteered their time to do a presentation for the Teen Grantmaking Grant on Saturday. Braxton, Ambica, Rohan, Brendan, Akansha

I am in desperate need on help with fundraising. There are 65+ families and I am the only one mentoring fundraising. Please contact me ASAP.

Laura Adamonis


Congratulations to all teams who advanced to the State Championships from awards related to Outreach! You all are on the right track, keep up the great work. If you need help organizing your interview to best present your outreach, don’t hesitate to email or contact Shami and David.


Nothing to report.


Thank you to the students who volunteered their time to do a presentation for the Teen Grantmaking Grant on Saturday. Braxton, Ambica, Rohan, Brendan, Akansha


I am in desperate need on help with fundraising. There are 65+ families and I am the only one mentoring fundraising. Please contact me ASAP.

Laura Adamonis

Feb. 10 FTC State Championship
Feb. 13 Board Meeting 7:00 PM
Feb. 13 FTC Parent Meeting 6:00 PM (if qualified for Super Regional)
Mar. 23-25 FRC Qualifier, UNC Asheville
Mar. 29-30 FRC Qualifier, Winston-Salem Fairgrounds
Apr. 6-8 State Competition- Campbell University
Apr. 18-21 FRC and FTC Worlds- Houston, TX (if qualify)


Note From Ashley

As we get closer to qualifiers in January, there are a few deadlines to keep us on track:  January 5th for 731 and 5795 and January 12th for 6183 and 10195 are the deadlines to have the Engineering Notebook up-to-date as well as to have the team ready to start practicing interviews.  As a reminder, the qualifiers are on January 13th for teams 731 and 5795 and on January 27th for teams 6183 and 10195.  Also, every Friday after January 5th from 7:00-8:00pm, the field will be open only to those wishing to scrimmage.  This is to encourage teams to start finishing up their robot and to start moving on to the refining stage.

For seniors: don’t forget to check out the FIRST website, which offers many scholarships for college.

REMINDER, NO Friday Meeting This Week!

Due to many students participating in an event at ECG, there will be no meeting this Friday at TSL and no ECG carpool. FTC teams will meet Saturday, Dec. 9 from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM.



Team 1533If your parents were not at Saturday’s mandatory parent meeting, they need to make a point to talk with the FRC team parent Laura Adamonis. Please contact her at to set up a meeting before Jan. 9th.

Please make sure you and at least one parent are connected to SLACK. Please look for an email from frcteams about registering for the team with FIRST( world organization). The first email will be sent to the student email. The student will register with FIRST then if they are under 18 years old they will need to add parent’s information so that a parent can sign a consent & release form.

Another email will be sent to students and parents with a link to the North Carolina FIRST( state organization) consent & release form.


Team 731This meeting we worked on methods to make autonomous more accurate, and reliable. We also got some teammates set up with CAD and assigned design tasks. We are working hard to get the robot ready by qualifiers!

Team 5795Our team has focused on getting our robot’s basic mechanical design put together this week. We have finished the first rendition of our scoring mechanism and intake and wired it together. With a few minor tweaks. we hope to have an operational robot for scrimmaging and general practice in about two weeks.

Team 6183 One of the biggest issues we had at scrimmage was the relative weakness of our block grabber near the top of the lift.  We spent this meeting addressing that problem, adding another servo to each side of the grabber to make lifting two blocks at once easier.  Another section of our team spent the meeting finishing the K9 bot we are going to use for our major outreach events focusing on the Beek Beek Book.  The final thing we did this week was continue writing our second Beek Beek Book.

Team 10195This week our team focused on recreating our intake system to address the issues we had from scrimmage. For endgame, we also devised a clamp-like device to grab the relic and used linear slides to extend the relic outside the field. We are hoping to finish up all building by next week and focus on autonomous and testing towards the end of this month and winter break. In addition, we are catching up on the engineering notebook and currently organizing outreach possibilities.


Coaches’ Academy Training Thank-You

The Coaches’ Academy was a success this past Monday! A big thank you to Ashley, Meenakshi, Nick, and Mohammad who attended and presented about the Engineering Notebook and Programming.

Irving Park Elementary School Science Fair

The Irving Park Science Fair will be held on Tuesday, December the 12th from 5-7pm at Irving Park Elementary School. It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to come out and show the students your robots, let them drive them around, and encourage them to join an FLL team. If you are interested in helping out please sign-up here. Thanks!

Guilford County Science Fair

Guilford County will be hosting its annual Science Fair at the Greensboro Science Center on Wednesday, January 17th from 10 am – 1pm! Because this is on a school day, we will set up shifts that students can sign up for to accommodate school schedules. The sign up is here. Remember it’s never too early to sign up! Please ask parents if they are available to chaperone as well.

Canned Foods Drive

Please remember to bring in canned or other nonperishable foods for our continuing canned food drive from last year. Thanks!


Individual and Team pictures were taken at this past meeting, and we will also be taking photos at the meeting on 12/9; if you haven’t gotten your photo taken, please be sure to attend the next meeting so we can get that done. If that still doesn’t work for you, let Sreya know.

Because team pictures have been taken, we can continue to edit flyers with the new images and start working on banners, if not already. A template will be sent out to each team’s marketing members for how banners should be structured.



The Treasury team is currently working on grants for Qorvo, TS Foundation, and Hondajet. We also just finished and submitted the ECG Robotics quarterly update for our sponsors.

Recent Donations

We recently received $1000 from Wieland Copper products. Thank you to Amy Stehlin for working to coordinate this sponsorship.

SCRIP Program

Raised $21.00SCRIP is a program where you buy gift cards through ECG Robotics and then the group gets a percentage. I have order forms with a select number of local stores for us to try out. Please return forms and a check for your order. Any questions please contact me Laura at

SCRIP Order Form

SCRIP Agreement

SCRIP Sign up information

Amazon Smile

Christmas  shopping? Amazon donates to ECG Robotics

when you shop @AmazonSmile. Use this link.


Dec. 8 NO Friday Meeting
Dec. 9 FTC Meeting 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM at TSL
Dec. 12 Irving Park Outreach
Jan. 6 FRC Kickoff- Inmar, Winston-Salem
Jan. 13 FTC Qual. Cardinal Gibbons -Teams 731 and 5795
Jan. 19 Women in Engineering Night
Jan. 27 FTC Qual. S. Guilford-Teams 6183 and 10195
Feb. 3 FTC Qual. N. Guilford- All FTC Teams
Feb. 10 FTC State Championship
Mar. 23-25 FRC Qualifier, UNC Asheville
Mar. 29-30 FRC Qualifier, Winston-Salem Fairgrounds