Note From Ashley:

I hope everyone had a great holiday and a happy New Year!  We are getting back into the swing of things with our first FTC qualifier this Saturday, January 13th, in Asheville.  If you are carpooling, please be at TSL by 4:30 am on Saturday, so we can drive to Asheville.  Please make sure you have flyers and buttons finished for this week’s qualifier and make sure that banners are finished this week as we need 2 weeks to assure banners can get printed in time for the next qualifier.

If your team is interested in meeting at TSL this week, you must make sure you have parent coverage.



Team 1533


We now have the manual and the video for the FIRST 2018 Game POWER UP!
Kickoff video:

Team 1533 had a busy weekend, as we attended a kickoff event at INMAR on Saturday and we had a Triad Alliance meeting at ABCO on Sunday. The team up to this point has fully digested the rules such that every student is on board with what can and cannot be done with the robot and in game. This will continue to be important for determining a game strategy and designing a robot to follow that strategy.

The team will start to meet regularly both in person and online. The in person meetings will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. For this coming week, the in person meetings will be at TSL for all of the days except Saturday, as the team will meet at JA King on Saturday.

The team was also able to finalize and submit parts to ABCO to get cut for our 2018 swerve drive, which was developed mostly in the offseason so that we could submit very early and focus on other parts of the robot design.

The team has also created a scouting application integrated with Slack which will allow us to electronically record match data. The integration with Slack will be handy in converting all of that raw data and automatically port it into a spreadsheet or into graphs such that we could easily sort and analyze the data. Additionally, for looking up specific match data we created an integration between Slack and an SQL query such that a simple command will allow you to automatically draw any data point you would like; no manual searching required.

The team only has 45 days to design and build a robot. That equates to 6 ½ weeks. Every week will be critical to the team’s success, so we hope that students will make an effort to come to as many meetings as they can.



Asheville Qualifier Info

Please be sure to sign up on the Google Form linked below if you plan to attend the Asheville Qualifier January 13 by this Monday, January 8 and bring your permission slip to TSL no later than Friday. A link to the permission slip is also provided below. Parent drivers are needed! Please indicate on the form if your parent can drive. Meal plans and schedules are still in the works so stay tuned to your email for more details.

Asheville Signup

Asheville Permission Slip

Extra Practice Schedule

Teams desiring extra practice time on Saturdays must sign up ahead of time and must have parent chaperone coverage. Parents please volunteer during this very crucial time for the success of our FTC teams! Teams and parents use the following link to sign up:

Team and Parent Extra Practice Signup

Team 731

We are still building our robot, but we are coming along nicely. It’s about time for the programmers to make our auto, so get ready to see beautiful code in action. We have also made banners and flyers for this year.

Team 5795

This week we focused on getting our robot functional for the upcoming qualifier in Asheville. After three rewirings, reconfiguring, and fine tuning of mechanisms on the robot we scored our first particles on Sunday and are looking forward to the qualifier.

Team 6183

This week was focused on upgrading our robot.  We got a new shipment of parts such as linear slide pieces, new screws, hubs and more.  We focused a lot of our time on Friday on fixing problems we saw with the robot, such as fixing our linear slide and replacing servos that were dysfunctional.  Many of our team members focused on finishing the writing of our second children’s book throughout this week, and hope to have a rough copy soon.  On Saturday we replaced the axles and hubs for all of our wheels and are very close to finishing our next linear slide.  We also spent a lot of time practicing driving on Saturday.

Team 10195

This week, we focused on finishing up all building and heading straight to the field. On Friday, we had to change some of our code on the mecanum wheels for tele op and change our glyph intake system from treads to something stronger. In addition, our marketing team nearly finished our team banner and is currently working on our flyer and poster. Finally, we also had Anya and Shivani, our engineering notebook leads, work on editing the notebook. On Saturday, we got a lot of driving practice done and we are overall excited for the Ashville Qualifier.


Guilford County Science Fair

Guilford County will be hosting its annual Science Fair at the Greensboro Science Center on Wednesday, January 17th from 10 am – 1pm! Because this is on a school day, we will set up shifts that students can sign up for to accommodate school schedules. We still need student and parent chaperones! The sign up is here. Please contact us if you are interested in building/testing additional LazyBots for the event!


Our first FTC qualifiers are coming up this Saturday, January 13, for all teams. This means that BANNERS AND FLYERS NEED TO BE DONE ASAP (banners especially for printing). If you have any questions, feel free to ask Sreya and Anthony.

We also encourage each team to have at least one photographer for most FTC events. This is helpful for engineering notebook, records of events, use in videos, etc.

Women in Engineering Night

Friday, Jan. 19- 7pm- 8:30pm  All female students are invited to a discussion about you.

Light refreshments served.


Teen Grantmaking Council

Currently the treasury team is working on the Teen Grantmaking Council evaluation, describing how we utilized the $1000 Teen Grantmaking Council donated to us last year and the current grant application.

If you would like to help with a grant presentation on Feb. 3 please contact a treasury member.


Received sponsor money from Honda Aircraft- $1000.

Received fundraising money from Harris Teeter Vic Card program- $344.58

       (please Link your VIC card to 6515 it does make a difference)

Received donation from the American Express Giving campaign (anonymous donor) $240.00

Received donation from a team parent- $200

As you can see the group receives money from different types of avenues. Please help us because we are in build season for all the teams and the money goes fast. With all the different parts and the meeting space that we pay rent and utilities for, any little bit helps. Contact Laura Adamonis

Jan. 13 FTC Qual. Asheville All FTC Teams
Jan. 19 Women in Engineering Night
Jan. 27 FTC Qual. S. Guilford-Teams 6183 and 10195
Feb. 3 FTC Qual. N. Guilford- All FTC Teams
Feb. 10 FTC State Championship
Mar. 23-25 FRC Qualifier, UNC Asheville
Mar. 29-30 FRC Qualifier, Winston-Salem Fairgrounds