Note from Ashley:

Hello everyone! We currently have 3 teams- 1533, 731, and 5795- signed up for the THOR event on August 5th at UNC Pembroke.  As of now there are only 4 FTC teams signed up to compete total, so coaches are deciding whether or not to attend.  If you or your team is still interested in participating, please talk to your team coach.  We also encourage new members to attend THOR to get a taste of the competition experience and to start learning about robotics!

The Harris Teeter TIE events will be held on August 5th, 6th, 12th, 13th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  These are great events to help raise money for the club as well as earn Outreach service hours!  Please sign up with the link below:!/showSignUp/20f0c49abaf2baafc1-harris/54964798



The past couple of week has been very eventful for the team, as we have completed (for now) our work on our main competition bot in preparation for the first THOR off-season competition. By completing our development of a vision tracking system, increasing the size of our fuel storing hopper, bolting secure out shooter, etc. we can now score 40 kPa in a match!

Looking forward, we now want to get our practice bot up to the same competitive level. This wIll be done for the second THOR off-season event so that newer and upcoming students on the team can get the opportunity to take leadership roles at competition like drive team, put manager, and safety captain.

To better demonstrate our progress, an off-season gallery will be made available for all to see in the coming weeks.

Summer Meeting

The team is meeting Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-8 and Saturdays 10-6 pm at JA King. The team is getting 2 robots ready to compete at THOR. There is a lot of work to be done so all team members are asked to attend at least once a week to prepare for the competition. Please parents signup up to help with coverage. In the signup please add the time you are available.

FRC Summer Meeting Signup

THOR Off-season competition

The team has an off season competition coming up on August 5th. All FRC students please click on sign up to answer yes or no please. We have 8 FRC students signed up. Parents, if you can drive students to the event please let me know.

THOR Signup

So why THOR you ask?  This year we have new awesome opportunities for off-season competition, training and fun.  THOR I at Pembroke in August is our opportunity to continue the successful season we just finished.  At THOR I we will be testing new technology and programming that we finished over the summer, and  we will trade-up drive team roles after losing two drive team members.  This is also a time for the new rookie members to see a competition up close and personal.  THOR II in Raleigh in October is a special opportunity.  There we will have two robots so more team members will get a chance to be on a drive team…hmmm, will the junior team beat the veteran?…come and find out!


Team 731

We had a meeting this week to spruce up the robot. We started coding a new teleop and autonomous to get some more experience, and we removed all the Modern Robotics modules from the robot. Two Rev Robotics Expansion Hubs replaces ~7 Modern Robotics modules. Everyone is excited to learn and prepare for next season!


AAMI Wiley Elementary School Demonstration

Last year we had the wonderful opportunity to give a demonstration at the African American Male Initiative summer camp at Wiley Elementary School, and we will be participating again this year. The demonstration will fall on July the 25th. This is a great opportunity for individuals and teams to gain more experience with leading outreach events! AAMI Demonstration

Winston-Salem Girls World Expo

Although the event is not taking place until later, be on the lookout to participate in the Girls World Expo in the coming months! Students will have the chance to demo their robots to a significant portion of the community and also share more about the FIRST organization. Further information will be provided as plans are solidified.


The Marketing team is still working on the trailer design for ECG Robotics, as well as planning for the upcoming Robotics season.


Grant Help Needed

I have receive the grant application from TE. There is a very quick turn around to get this application in by August 1.

Several key student leaders are not able to help and TE is asking that each team to submit an application.

Laura will be at TSL Tuesday and Thursday, July 18 and 20 from 6-8 pm to work on these if anyone can help.

Financial Review

VERY IMPORTANT FOR CLUB TO START SEASON. Looking for parent volunteers to help with reviewing the group’s financial statements at a meeting at the end of July.  Dates are either Tuesday, July 25  6pm-8pm (will provided dinner). We have one parent who graciously volunteered and we will need 2-3 more parents.

Please contact Laura at


As some of you know, ECG robotics has switched to a google non-profit account. We as a team have started to use something call “Team Drive”, which provides a cloud drive drive that stores everything under our domain. We have shared each department’s Team Drive folder to them and they are responsible for sharing it to everyone in the department. We will soon come out with instructions on how to use it and the do’s and don’ts of it.

July 25 AAMI Camp Demo
August 5 THOR @UNC Pembroke
Ongoing ECG Robotics Food Drive