Note from Ashley:

Our summer camp this week was a success!  Students learned about programming and mechanical aspects of robotics as well as Outreach and Treasury.  Thank you to all of the teachers who helped out: Evan Gorgen, Nick Day, Kelvin Limanto, Jayraj Jonnalagadda, Jordan Boerger, David Woodlief, Robert Barnette, and Mark Adamonis!  And thank you to all of the parents who chaperoned!

THOR is this Saturday!  The competition is open to FRC and FTC members, so if you have not signed up yet, please see the sign ups in the sections below.


All ECG Robotics team members and parents are invited to attend the board meeting this Thursday, August 3 at 6:00 PM at TSL. Draft minutes and agenda are available to view here:

July 3 Meeting Minutes

August 3 Meeting Agenda

All Students attending Thor- August 5

Last chance to go.

Lunch signup- everyone attending fill out

We will be combining the lunch order for all the students attending THOR.

Will all students attending please fill out the lunch option form. Even if you are bringing your lunch we need to know. Also students are responsible for mentors’ lunches so every student attending needs to  $2.00 to cover mentors meal. . More information on the form.

Thor Lunch Signup and Information



ECG Permission Form- Please print and either send to Laura at or bring on Saturday. You will not be able to go unless this form is signed and filled out by a parent.

ECG Robotics Permission Form

FIRST North Carolina Consent Form- Students who have been on the team have already completed this form. I will contact you individually if you need to fill this form out.

FRC Tentative schedule

5am- Meet at TSL (This is very important for FRC students, we can not wait for anyone)

7:30am- team load-in

9:30 am – drivers meeting

10- opening

10:15-12:15- qualification matches

12:15-2- UNC Pembroke Expo/Tours, Lunch Break

2-4- qualification matches

4- alliance selections

4:30- play-off, finals

6pm- awards

Dinner on the way home- more information to come

FRC has been very busy with getting the robot ready for THOR, trying some new technology, and meeting with some other FRC teams, Roto- Raptors and Green Hope Falcons


FTC team members and families are invited to THOR Saturday, Aug. 5 from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM at UNC Pembroke. THOR stands for Thundering Herd of Robots, an off-season event replaying last season’s challenge. It’s a great way to relive the excitement from last season and gear up for the new season. FTC teams will leave from TSL at 9:00 AM, travel by carpool to UNC Pembroke and return to TSL at approximately 6:00 PM. So far there are 16 seats available in the carpool but parents may be asked to help with transportation if needed. Team members may sign up to order pizza for lunch or bring money to eat in the college cafeteria. Permission slips for this event were emailed and must be printed out, signed and turned in to mentors no later than the morning of the event. In addition, please use the following links to sign up to attend THOR, give parental permission to participate in FIRST events this season and order pizza for lunch if desired. The electronic FIRST Consent and Release Form must be submitted by Aug. 4 to participate in THOR. Contact Cathy Barnette at for more information.  

FIRST Consent and Release Form

ECG Robotics FTC THOR Signup

THOR Pizza Signup

FTC THOR Tentative schedule

9:00 AM                Depart TSL

11:00 AM              Team Load-in

12:00 PM              Driver’s Meeting

12:15-2:00 PM      Lunch, Expo

2:00-4:00 PM        Matches

6:00 PM                Return to TSL (FTC will not be stopping for dinner)


Harris Teeter TIE Events

Those needing Outreach events please sign up for one or more dates to help raise funds for robotics and ECG at Harris Teeter on August 5th, 6th, 12th, and 13th. This is a great opportunity to help out ECG Robotics and also spread awareness about the club! See the sign-up for more details:

August Harris Teeter TIE Events


The Marketing team is wrapping up the final trailer design for ECG Robotics and is currently working on a new t-shirt design for Team 731.


TE Connectivity Grant

All of the grant applications for TE Connectivity have been fully finalized and submitted.

Summer Camp and New Members

We gave a brief presentation at the summer camp this week concerning the basics of treasury and fundraising to the new members. If anyone (team member or parent) is interested in joining the treasury team or working on fundraising please contact Robert at or Laura Adamonis at


As some of you know, ECG robotics has switched to a google non-profit account. We as a team have started to use something call “Team Drive”, which provides a cloud drive drive that stores everything under our domain. We have shared each department’s Team Drive folder to them and they are responsible for sharing it to everyone in the department. We will soon come out with instructions on how to use it and the do’s and don’ts of it.

August 3 ECG Robotics Board Meeting 6:00-8:00 PM at TSL
August 5 THOR @UNC Pembroke p
August 11 FTC Regular Friday Meetings Begin 4:00-7:00 PM