Note From Ashley

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving break!  As December rolls around, we are continuing to open TSL for extra build times as needed.  Please remember to sign up on the Google Doc with parents if you would like to work at TSL.  Please use the below link to sign-up for Saturday meetings:

Saturday Meeting Sign-UpJust a heads up, our first qualifiers are January 13th for teams 731 and 5795 at Cardinal Gibbons and January 27th for teams 6183 and 10195 at Southern Guilford.  All teams will attend the February 3rd scrimmage at Northern High School.

On an Outreach note, members from 731 and 5795 will be giving presentations on the Engineering Notebook and Programming tomorrow at the Coaches Academy, an event to help rookie teams.



Team 1533

The team did not meet this past week as a result of the holidays, and I hope every member of the team enjoyed the well deserved break! We now will make the final stretch before the season to continue to prepare and get excited about the new challenge Power Up. Some key highlights to look forward to are: the testing of Swerve 4.1, the testing of a pneumatic system, the creation of an improved logo, the creation of an easily adaptable scouting application/website, the continuation of outreach in spreading safety to the FIRST community and STEM to the local community, fundraising, and much much more!


Team 731

We have been working hard on our autonomous and drivetrain. Over the break, we cut all of the drivetrain pieces and assembled one of the sides. We successfully used encoders in an autonomous, and have started to test different methods for auto. This week we will start working more on outreach. (There isn’t much time left until the first qualifier!)

Team 5795

Over this Thanksgiving break our team has gotten quite a bit done, meeting in various places and whenever possible we have managed to string together a significant amount of build time, culminating in a refined scoring mechanism. We can’t wait to try out our robot’s design at the upcoming qualifier.

Team 6183

Due to fall break, as well as vacation schedules of our team members, only some of our team members were able to attend each meeting. While at these meetings, we focused on fixing the K9 bot that we use for outreach, as well as attempting to remedy some of the issues faced by our competition bot.

Team 10195

Last week, our team met up on Tuesday and Friday. Several of our members, Aayush, Peter, Anya, and myself met on Tuesday at TSL. We worked on making small adjustments to the robot: moving the wheels, changing the screws on the servos, and moving the motor. This week, since a lot of our members were not able to come to the meetings, we also focused on catching up on the Engineering Notebook online.  In the future we are planning to utilize the Rev Expansion Hub to reduce the number of electronics on our robot.


Irving Park Elementary School Science Fair

The Irving Park Science Fair will be held on Tuesday, December the 12th from 5-7pm at Irving Park Elementary School. It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to come out and show the students your robots, let them drive them around, and encourage them to join an FLL team. If you are interested in helping out please sign-up here. Thanks!

Canned Foods Drive

Please remember to bring in canned or other nonperishable foods for our continuing canned food drive from last year. Thanks!


Nothing to report


iAutomation Grant

Thank you to iAutomation for a $1000 donation as well as Tris Chideya who helped to coordinate the donation.

Amazon Smile

Christmas  shopping? Amazon donates to ECG Robotics

when you shop @AmazonSmile. Use this link.


SCRIP Program

The holidays are a big fundraising time for our ECG Robotics, and this year you can raise money just by paying for your holiday shopping with gift cards!

    •         Earn 2.5% on gifts from Amazon
    •         Earn 4% when you pay off your Kohl’s card
    •         Earn 8% when you go see that holiday blockbuster
    •         Earn 14% on your holiday outfits from GAP or Old Navy

SCRIP is a program where you buy gift cards through ECG Robotics and then the group gets a percentage. I have order forms with a select number of local stores for us to try out. Please return forms and a check for your order. Any questions please contact me Laura at

SCRIP Order Form

SCRIP Agreement

SCRIP Sign up information

Dec. 2 FRC Very Important at Least One Parent Meeting
Dec. 12 Irving Park Outreach
Jan. 6 FRC Kickoff- Inmar, Winston-Salem
Jan. 13 FTC Qual. Cardinal Gibbons -Teams 731 and 5795
Jan. 19 Women in Engineering Night
Jan. 27 FTC Qual. S. Guilford-Teams 6183 and 10195
Feb. 3 FTC Qual. N. Guilford- All FTC Teams
Feb. 10 FTC State Championship
Mar. 23-25 FRC Qualifier, UNC Asheville
Mar. 29-30 FRC Qualifier, Winston-Salem Fairgrounds