Note from Ashley:

And we’re off!  The FTC Kickoff was very exciting on Saturday where team members gave presentations on Drivetrains, 3D printing, Fundraising, and Worlds and were presented with their next challenge:  Relic Recovery!  All teams were busy brainstorming after the reveal and Teams 731 and 5795 decided to build a robot in three days making a lot of progress.  Here’s to a great season!

Here’s a link to the Relic Recovery Game Reveal:

Because of the ECG Student Council Tie Dye event, TSL will be open from 6:00-8:00 PM on Friday, September 15th.  Last Friday four different layouts of TSL were proposed, so the purpose of this Friday’s meeting is to work on rearranging TSL so that we can start building the new field.

There will be no carpool from ECG this Friday.



TE Demo

From 12 to 3:30 PM on Saturday, members of team 1533 presented both Svarog and Scorpius at the TE picnic. Here we got to demonstrate high school robotics and FIRST to adults and children alike and give thanks to our long time sponsors TE Connectivity. In many ways TE Connectivity has been a major contributor in the longevity and growth of Triple Strange and ECG robotics as a whole, and we could not be more thankful for their sponsorship.  


The event also served as a great opportunity for newer students to gain experience with the process of setting up and running a demo. We even got to have free lunch and cotton candy, a sweet bonus!


Team 731

We attended Kickoff too like everyone else.We worked with 5795 on a World’s presentation, and gave our own Drivetrain presentation. We completed our robot in 12 hours. We made a working robot with code that can pick and place glyphs in that time! I have to say that was a great experience and we got a lot of valuable knowledge on what we need to do. Everyone got at least 8 hours of sleep which is great. Everyone was working hard together with lots of great ideas.


Team 5795

This weekend our team attended FTC Kickoff and presented at the World’s Q and A, 3D Printing, and Fundraising lectures. We also kicked off our season with the three day build creating a prototype robot, printing parts and getting no sleep at all.

Team 6183

Our team attended Kickoff much like the other teams, we attended many presentations and had a good learning experience for new and returning team members.  After the game reveal, we discussed our plans for our robot and have begun to cad prototypes to work on during the next meeting.

Team 10195

This year’s FTC Kickoff was an exciting event for both returning and new members! After the game reveal we developed our goals for this year and what changes we wanted to make. We also discussed our game strategy for this year and how we can incorporate more CAD into our robot.


GSO STEAM Fest: New Outreach Event!

ECG Robotics has been invited to participate in GSO STEAM Fest at The Forge on Sept. 23 from

9:00 AM until 2:00 PM. GSO STEAM Fest is described as an event to “celebrate the resources for and applications of STEAM curriculum. We will have FIRST in our “STEAM Alley” showcasing opportunities for young minds to get involved in STEAM.” Team members and parents who are interested in participating please sign up here:  GSO STEAM Fest Sign-Up


We hope everyone’s had an awesome time at Kickoff on Saturday! Any pictures or videos taken should be sent to Sreya and Anthony at Marketing members can upload photography and media directly to the ECG Robotics Marketing Team Drive.


Jason’s Deli Night September 27th

We are confirmed for another Jason’s Deli fundraising night on September 27th if we can get 20 people to RSVP before September 24th.  At this event, 15% of the proceeds from our meals will be donated to ECG Robotics so the more people able to attend the more money we will be able to raise.Please use the following link to sign up yourselves and your family members ASAP to ensure we are able to host this event:

Jason’s Deli Sign-up

SCRIP Program

At the parent meeting we premiered our new fundraising program called SCRIP. SCRIP is a program where you buy gift cards through ECG Robotics and then the group gets a percentage. I have order forms with a select number of local stores for us to try out. Please return forms and a check for your order this Friday Sept.15. Any questions please contact me Laura at

SCRIP Order Form

SCRIP Agreement

SCRIP Sign up information


Syngenta has been sent in.

ServoCity grant question is written for all teams and we are waiting for grant to open.

PTC grant is being worked on by each of the teams that use PTC.


As some of you know, ECG robotics has switched to a google non-profit account. We as a team have started to use something call “Team Drive”, which provides a cloud drive drive that stores everything under our domain. We have shared each department’s Team Drive folder to them and they are responsible for sharing it to everyone in the department. We will soon come out with instructions on how to use it and the do’s and don’ts of it.

Sep. 23 Gso. STEAM Outreach
Sep. 27 Jason’s Deli Fundraiser
Oct. 1 Girls World Expo
Ongoing ECG Robotics Food Drive