Note From Rohan:

Hey everyone! I was not present at this last week’s meeting but I did hear some very good things! This past meeting we got to see all of the team’s looks toward the future. I am very impressed by all the CADed drivetrains, planned outreaches, and other lofty goals we set as a club. I really hope that we can continue the good work throughout the season!



Team 1533

This week, 1533 worked on assembling and installing several new tools from our new sponsors at Direct Tools. ALong with the work on these tools, both Triple Strange and Girls on Fire continued preparing and practicing for THOR West.



Team 731

This week, 731 finalized our season deadlines and worked on finishing up our first robot design of the season. Some of our parts came in, and we should be able to begin prototyping and assembling soon! Our CAD should be done in the next week, and our engineering notebook is looking great! Exciting stuff.


Team 5795

This week 5795 continued CADding our robot and working on robot design. We made significant advances in planning for outreach events. We also continued to update our notebook and set season deadlines.


Team 6183 

This week, 6183 continued prototyping collections/outtakes and designing our drivetrain. We also continued our notebook redesign and multiple programming projects we’ve been working on. Some new parts came in, so we made sure that everything worked together like we planned.


Team 10195

This week, 10195 worked on our robot design and solidify our intake/outtake system. We finalized some long term outreach plans/events and began planning new marketing goals for this season.



This past week, all four FTC team received $2000 each from TE Connectivity!

Additionally, we have a couple of upcoming fundraising events: 

The McAlister’s Deli Fundraiser, which will be lead by 10195, will be on October 9th 5-8 pm on Highwoods Blvd. 10195 will be covering the volunteers but we still need support from everyone so please tell your friends and family to come out and join us at McAlister’s Deli on October 9th. 

Next, there will be a fundraiser at the Chipotle on Sapp St on October 23rd 4-8 pm. This one doesn’t allow any volunteers so it completely depends on all of you coming out and encouraging your friends/family to support us.

Here is a digital version of the McAlister’s Deli flyer: 

Please share it with your friends and colleagues.



There will be an outreach event coming up at Jefferson Elementary where volunteers will be running an ECG robotics booth. We need 15 volunteers max. I will be sending a separate email with more information and a signup sheet. If you are interested let me know. 



This year, the website team and marketing team will be combined for manageability purposes. We’ve also set up our first website team meeting!



Oct 9: McAlister’s Deli Fundraiser 5-8

Oct 12: FRC-THOR West

Oct 17: Board Meeting 6-7

Oct 23: Chipotle Fundraiser 4-8