The FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC®)

  • A unique varsity Sport for the Mind™ designed to help high-school-aged young people discover how interesting and rewarding the lives of engineers and scientists can be.
  • It is a sport where participants play with and learn from the pros
  • Designing and building a robot is a fascinating real-world professional experience
  • Competing brings participants as much excitement and adrenaline rush as conventional varsity tournaments

How FRC Works

  • Grades 9-12
  • Includes schools, home schools, after-school groups, churches, civic organizations, neighborhood groups
  • 10 or more students per team
  • 2 to 3 mentors per team
  • Corporate sponsors
  • Short games played by robots. Game rules are a surprise every year.
  • Robots designed and built in six weeks (from a common kit of parts)
  • Students program and remotely control robots in competition 
  • Competitions in late February through April, involving 40 to 70 teams
  • Awards for design, technology, sportsmanship, and commitment to FIRST®

What FRC Offers

  • Design, build, and program robots
  • Gain hands-on programming and rapid-prototyping experience
  • Apply real-world math, science and engineering concepts
  • Document the engineering process
  • Develop problem-solving, organizational, and team-building skills
  • Learn about Gracious Professionalism®
  • Compete and cooperate in Alliances at tournaments
  • Build life skills while building robots and work towards participating in tournaments and World Championship
  • Qualify for more than $10 million in college scholarships
  • Discover a career path