Night Owls: FTC Team 10195

About Us

Team 10195, the Night Owls, was first created in 2015 and is currently in their fifth year. Throughout their history, experienced members have left, and new and enthusiastic individuals have come to fill their place. The Night Owls consist of a mixture of ECG students as well as students from other schools around Greensboro such as STEM and GDS. Their members specialize in different sections, which include CAD, building, programming, engineering notebook, outreach, and marketing. They’ve expanded their love for their owl mascot by creating an owl-themed team mascot complete with hand-made wings as well as their own owl robot, Otto! This year, they are hoping to make it past States and qualify for worlds for the first time!



Finalist Alliance ~ Southern Qualifier

Finalist Alliance ~ States


Connect Award 2nd Place ~ States


Control Award 1st Place ~ Asheville Qualifier

Finalist Alliance Captain ~ Asheville Qualifier

Think Award 3rd Place ~ Southern Qualifier 

Inspire Award 3rd Place ~ Southern Qualifier


Motivate Award 1st Place ~ Southern Qualifier

Fourth-Place Alliance  ~ Southern Qualifier

Team 10195

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