Note From Kelvin:

Hello everyone, this week Christmas arrived a little early and the first FTC parts orders arrived. Everything is already distributed to the teams.

All four FTC teams are registered for a scrimmage at the Forge in Cary on Sunday, November 11th. We need parent support to carpool our students from TSL to the scrimmage location just over an hour drive away. A sign-up sheet will be sent out later. Teams should be making preparations to have a functional robot by then.

We are also going to try to have Saturday meetings in preparation for the FTC scrimmage, so we need parent chaperones (at least 2 per Saturday meeting). Teams interested in having a Saturday meeting, let me know so we can set it up.

The secret code is the first 2 words that nearly everyone used to start off their weekly update.


Team 1533

FRC will continue to have regular fall meetings on Friday at the Triad Zone from 5-8. Check Slack for changes, updates, and changes.


Team 731

This week, our team assembled the gearboxes for the drivetrain motors in our chassis and worked on the linearization of the motors in our autonomous code.

Team 5795

This week our team assembled our intake and drivetrain for our robot as well as organized the new parts we received.

Team 6183

This week 6183 finished our first CAD for a final robot and started working on the first final iteration of our competition robot for this season, specifically the drivetrain and collection.

Team 10195

This week we redesigned our drivetrain and finalized the design for our scoring mechanism. We also continued reorganizing the Engineering Notebook.


This week Treasury focused on writing the Quarterly Update for sponsors which includes information such as our Outreach projects and this season’s game reveal. We also worked on completing the evaluation form for a past Grant from the Teen Grantmaking Council.


This week, we did some Outreach inventory to make sure we have everything we need to bring to future events! If you attended the outreach event on October 13th, you will be receiving some patches from the scouts soon.


Deadlines for official banners and flyers will be set for December; the exact date later to be determined. We encourage all team captains to determine your marketing liaisons for this season with whom Sreya will be communicating to sort out marketing materials.


October 26: Regular FTC Meeting

November 11: FTC Scrimmage

November 14: Board Meeting


Happy Birthday to Badar Cha (10/23/18), Janavi Mehta (10/24/18), and Arul Sharma (10/28/18).