Note From Kelvin:


Hello everyone, the first FTC scrimmage of the season is right around the corner, less than a week away. The teams are making great progress with their robots in preparation for the scrimmage. Just a couple reminders for those of you who have not already turned in their travel consent form, please turn them in this Friday meeting, or we will not be able to carpool you to the event. We handed out the forms in a previous meeting and if you did not get one or lost it, email me at and I’ll send you the file. Bring $2 to the next meeting if you want a pizza lunch at the scrimmage. More details about the scrimmage will be sent out in another email later this week.  


I just want to say a special thanks to the parents of Jayraj, Sonia, Kelvin, Sarvesh, Janavi, Kara and Annika for being carpool drivers to the scrimmage. We graciously appreciate your support. Also another thanks to Mr. Haveliwala and Mr. Limanto for helping us clean up and organize TSL on Saturday.


Team 1533

FRC has continued to meet and prepare for the season. Meetings will continue to be every Friday, and check Slack for any updates.



Team 731

This week our team worked hard on the assembly of the cut hdpe plates, built gearboxes, and peanut extrusions into the next model of our robot’s drivetrain. We also worked on the wiring of the electronics and the command based autonomous, testing time drive for a mecanum robot.


Team 5795

This week our team worked on mounting the basis of our intake mechanism, organization of electronics, and calculations for the dimensions of our intake. We also worked on outreach and updating our engineering notebook for scrimmage


Team 6183  

This week, 6183 continued to work on hanging and collection and also got the drive train completed for scrimmage. Along with this we have worked on getting the engineering notebook ready for Sunday and have started practicing for our interview.


Team 10195

This week we worked on 3D printing our intake and phone case as well as other miscellaneous parts. We also began the process of formatting and cleaning up old Engineering Notebook entries for the upcoming scrimmage.



This week we received a 5,000 grant from Apple for FRC to use for their registration and supplies!

We are also currently working on a Fall Quarterly Update for sponsors.

Parents please check your companies for grants, donations or volunteer programs.


With Christmas just around the corner. Click on our team’s Amazon Smile link and do all your shopping and the teams get a percentage. It’s that easy.



On November 15th, Alamance Elementary School has invited ECG Robotics for their Science Fair event. The date is November 15th starting at 5:30 PM. If you are available please sign up here . As always we need two parent volunteers as well.



The page is currently under redesign, so if anyone would like to help out with that please let us know! In addition, information about banners and flyers will be sent out soon. We encourage all teams to start working on them.



November 9: Regular FTC Meeting

November 11: FTC Scrimmage

November 14: Board Meeting

November 15: Montessori Elementary School Outreach

November 15: Alamance Elementary Science Fair Event

November 16: Game Show Night Volunteering Opportunity



Happy Birthday to Zoya Bawangaonwala (11/06/2003) of Wannabee Strange! 🙂