GENERAL CLUB INFO                                   

Note From Kelvin:

Hello everyone, on Sunday all four of our FTC teams participated at a scrimmage at the Forge Initiative in Cary. All of the teams had a great time driving their robots and seeing other teams and robots. Some ECG Robotics alumni even showed up. I want to say another thanks to the parents that helped with carpool to the scrimmage.

As for FTC meetings, we will have our usual Friday meeting this week as well as try to have a Saturday meeting as the season ramps up after scrimmage. A parent chaperone sign up for Saturday meetings will be sent out later in the week.

Another announcement is to bring team shirts to the next Friday meeting. We will try to retake team and club pictures.



Team 1533

Nothing to Report.



Team 731

This week our team worked on assembling a scoring apparatus for our finished drivetrain, to use temporarily at scrimmage, along with a team marker for autonomous scoring. We tested teleop code for field oriented mecanum drive. Lastly, we printed our notebook for judging at the scrimmage.


Team 5795

Nothing to Report.


Team 6183  

While getting ready for scrimmage, we found some issues with our collection, causing us to scrap it for scrimmage and just focus on hanging instead. We were able to get some drive practice in and get our hanging mechanism to work.


Team 10195

This week we worked on finishing things up before the scrimmage. We focused on getting our drivetrain working so that we can at least participate during autonomous because we didn’t have time to finish our scoring mechanism.




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Families please start putting away a little money at a time to help pay for competition travel costs. All travel costs are the parents responsibility. Fundraising first goes to building costs and robots.



Nothing to Report.



The Alamance Elementary School Outreach event has been canceled. We will instead focus on the Game Show Night on Friday. If you have signed up to volunteer please make sure to wear your team shirt of ECG Robotics shirt. Thank you!



November 11: FTC Scrimmage

November 14: Board Meeting 7pm-8pm at TSL

November 16: Game Show Night Volunteering Opportunity



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