The Night Owls are a fourth-year robotics team and are part of ECG Robotics. This year (2017-2018), we are determined and focused to achieve our highest goals while implementing creativity and unique processes in our engineering and building designs.



Finalist Alliance ~ Southern Qualifier

Finalist Alliance ~ States


Connect Award 2nd Place ~ States


Control Award 1st Place ~ Asheville Qualifier

Finalist Alliance Captain ~ Asheville Qualifier

Think Award 3rd Place ~ Southern QualifierInspire Award 3rd Place ~ Southern Qualifier

Outreach: 2017-2018

In our past outreach events, we have joined ECG Robotics Events as well as our chosen outreach events at several middle schools. This year, we are planning to attend more middle schools and display our outreach robot. We are also creating a website that displays the different robot elements of FIRST so that elementary-age kids can learn more about robotics.

CAD: 2017-2018

The CAD department of Team 10195 is in charge of designing the robot on a program called Parametric Creo 3.0. This program allows us to build a model of our robot digitally which saves us time compared to using paper and pencil to draft our ideas and troubleshoot. When there are defects in our robot, it can be a nuisance to look at a sketch on a piece of paper which may not be kept safely. Another huge advantage of using CAD is because our world is getting more computerized, it is important to incorporate as much technology as we can into our robot. Using CAD can also help us during competitions because teams which use CAD can show the judges the familiarity that we have with our robot and how show the dedication we how the dedication we had into building the robot.

Marketing: 2017-2018

This year (2017-18), our marketing members are focused on creating our flyers and banner to be displayed at competitions. We are working on combining the hands-on aspect of Robotics into creative and eye-catching displays. We are also working on creating a mascot for our team.

Engineering/Building: 2017-2018

The engineers and builders of our team focus on creating our robot and making sure that it works successfully for our competitions.