Formerly FTC Team 5795, the Thunderducks were created in December 2011 because there were so many students on Team 731. Team 1533 now sponsors ties with 3 different FTC teams. Good luck Thunderducks!


2016 Northern Qualifier

  • NC FTC qualifier winning alliance Award
  • 1st place Rockwell Collins Innovate Award
  • 2nd place PTC Design Award
  • 3rd place Inspire Award

2016 Southern Qualifier

  • NC FTC qualifier winning alliance Award
  • 2nd place Rockwell Collins Innovate Award

2014 Southeast High School NC Qualifying Tournament

  • Finished 10th in the Qualifying Rounds
  • This team designed an amazing robot.  I invite all the parents to take some time this Friday to marvel at the various engineering elements they implemented. Only team of our 3 to design a successful robot hanging mechanism.  Their first match they won, and then they were plagued with the most frustrating Field Control electrical issues I’ve ever seen in the past 5 years and several tournaments that a team had to deal with.  They persevered and put their robot on the field for every match, hoping the electrical problems would stop.  We are all so proud of the students on this team.

2016 NC State Tournament

-2016 NC State Championship Captain of Finalist Alliance

2016 NC Qualifying Tournament

-2016 Southern Guilford Qualifier 2nd place Inspire Award

-2016 Southern Guilford Qualifier 1st place Think Award

-2016 Southern Guilford Qualifier 3nd PTC Award

-2016 Northern Guilford Qualifier Winner Alliance

-2016 Northern Guilford Qualifier 2nd place Inspire Award -2016 Northern Guilford Qualifier 1st Think Award

2014 Southeast High School NC Qualifying Tournament

– Competed in the Finals on the 2nd place Alliance with Team 668 – Art’s Legacy

– Finalist for the Inspire Award – award is given to the team that truly embodied the ‘challenge’ of the FTC program.

– Received the Motivate Award for exemplifying the essence of the FTC competition through team building, team

spirit and enthusiasm, and for their collective effort to make FIRST known throughout their school and community.

– Advanced to the FTC State Championship