Note From Kelvin:

Hello everyone, the first FTC scrimmage is coming up in less than 2 weeks. For some of our new members, this will be your first FTC competition you’ll ever go to. Please remember to sign up for the scrimmage with this link: FTC SCRIMMAGE SIGN UP as soon as possible before Oct.31 so that we can organize the carpool from TSL to the event location. Those who sign up first will be given carpool priority if we do not have enough parent volunteer carpool drivers.

Also for those of you who have not already signed the FIRST consent form that we sent out a month ago and have constantly been reminding you about, please sign it so that you are able to attend the scrimmage. The FIRST consent form should have been sent out in an email about a month ago. If you have already signed the consent form, I really appreciate it and ignore the previous two sentences.

I’m looking for a couple volunteers to help the mentor the Lincoln FLL team on Mondays from 4-5. Last year some members of 731 mentored the Lincoln FLL team, but this year we are opening it up to the rest of the club. It’s a really good outreach opportunity that you can put in your engineering notebook. Let me know if you are interested.

We are looking for some volunteers to help represent ECG Robotics at the ECG game show night and host some games. This event will be on November 16th, but let me know before this Friday so that the people organizing the game night have enough time. Some more information about this is on Slack. Please let your team captains or myself know if you are interested.


Team 1533


Team 731

During this meeting, team 731 worked on the cutting, drilling, and began assembling of our final drivetrain. The hdpe plates for the prototype model will be assembled next meeting. This week, we began testing the command based autonomous code structure that has been written in the past few meetings. also, our team’s hoodies were finally delivered.

Team 5795

Team 6183

This week we continued working on our collection and drive train, cutting extrusion and stringing up linear slides. Our outreach robot, Beek Beek is also being designed to look like a duck.

Team 10195

This week 10195 worked on programming our drivetrain and designing our intake mechanism in CAD. We also continued our mentoring program with the new Cornerstone FTC team.


This week, Treasury submitted a 10,000 State Farm grant and we are working on the evaluation form for the Youth Grantmaking Council. Parents please check your companies for grants, donations or volunteer programs. Our fundraising mentor will be at this Friday’s meeting from 6:30-8

With Christmas just around the corner. Click on our team’s Amazon Smile link and do all your shopping and the teams get a percentage. It’s that easy.


On November 15th, Montessori Elementary School has invited ECG Robotics for their Science Fair event. The date is November 15th, however the time has not been confirmed yet. If you are available please sign up here . As always we need two parent volunteers as well.


Banner and flyer deadlines are coming up soon in December, so I encourage all team captains to talk to their members about who wants to be on marketing duty – although we encourage all members to take part in this content. Captains are to provide me (Sreya) with a list of marketing liaisons from their respective teams.


November 2: Regular FTC Meeting

November 9: Regular FTC Meeting

November 11: FTC Scrimmage

November 14: Board Meeting

November 15: Outreach

November 16: Game Show Night Event


Happy Birthday to Eghosa Ohenhen (11/03/2003) on the Night Owls! 🙂